InfiniteChain A Multi-Chain Implementation that Unlocks Infinite Possibilities

Break Through Inherent Blockchain Limitations

InfiniteChain is an innovative blockchain technology that overcomes restrictions of block size, transaction speed and lack of privacy from public blockchain. The multi-chain implementation supports high volumes of transactions up to 15 million transactions per second. The patent distributed auditing technology creates a trustworthy decentralized structure for greater business potential and industry applications.


No Transaction Speed Limit

InfiniteChain overcomes restrictions on the speed and number of transactions. The main and sidechains can operate together to achieve over 15 million transactions per second (TPS).


Does Not Bypass Intermediaries

In a real world commercial environment, intermediaries or agents cannot be easily replaced. InfiniteChain retains intermediaries while providing a transparent and verifiable mechanism for fraudproofing.


Protects Privacy of Transactions

Transaction details are encrypted with public keys of the participant and digital asset provider. Only the participant and digital asset provider can use their private keys to validate their own transactions.


Builds Trust for Transactions

Trust is the foundation of transactions. InfiniteChain keeps original records and generates irreversible proof through cryptography, significantly increasing trust between participants.

Real-World Centralized Business Models Decentralized

InfiniteChain is a multi-chain architecture where the main blockchain and several sidechains operate together. Transactions such as cryptocurrency or contract records that do not need to be processed quickly are sent directly into the P2P network and finally linked to the main chain. High-volume transactions, or those that require centralized matchmaking, however, are first processed on a sidechain. A hash value is generated for the transactions, which is then sent to a node in the P2P network and linked to the main chain. The sidechain runs at a high speed and accumulates a larger number of transactions after a certain amount of time. A hash value and corresponding identification code is then generated by the auditing node responsible for the decentralized operation of the sidechain. These are sent to a node for linking to the main chain.


Comparison of Blockchain Implementations

Public Blockchain Private Blockchain InfiniteChain
Bitcoin Ethereum POS, PBFT, or POA Consensus Public Blockchain, Hierarchy-based Sidechain, Distributed Auditing
Number of Nodes Unlimited Currently 8K-10K Unlimited Currently 8K-10K Limited Unlimited
Global Consensus Yes Yes No Yes(Main Chain)
51%Attack Almost impossible Almost impossible Easy Almost impossible
TPS ≒7 ≒25 1,000~2,000 >10,000,000 (Main Chain + Side Chain)
Blockchain Bloat None Present Very serious None
Privacy Limited Limited Limited Complete
Integration with Centralized Environment None None None Present
Off-chain Ledger Audit None None None Present


1. Which areas are suitable for InfiniteChain?

InfiniteChain is a bridging solution to connect the blockchain and centralized systems. If there is a middleman (agent) service that needs to be supervised later in the business model (for example the digital content/copyright industry, financial industry, etc.), we can solve the issue of information asymmetry between users and the middleman.

2. What is the patent of InfiniteChain in brief?

InfiniteChain is made up of two patents. The first one is the “distributed auditing system” (see Figure 3 in white paper). The second patent is the “method for auditing cloud access in real time”, which is the application of indexed merkle trees.

3. Why do we need InfiniteChain?

InfiniteChain addresses the bottleneck of existing public blockchain, including bandwidth, privacy and accessibility.

4. What are the major technical features of InfiniteChain?

There are three main technologies, including hierarchy-based multiple chains, distributed auditing and indexed merkle trees.

5. Why can InfiniteChain reach tens of millions of transactions per second?

InfiniteChain uses hierarchy-based multiple chains to handle all the transactions out of the main chain. It generates a hash value which will be sent back to the main chain later. Therefore, public consensus and global security are reached on the main chain. It also increases the throughput by the side chain.

6. Why does the side chain need to be audited?

After the hash value is sent back to the main chain, the participants have no idea if the records are consistent between the main chain and the side chain. A distributed auditing system can be used to solve that problem.

7. What is the difference between InfiniteChain and other side chains?

There are three types of side chain implementation: relay-based, channel-based and hierarchy-based. A hierarchy-based multiple chain solves the problems that the other two types of implementation do not. It also provides easy connections between a centralized system and the blockchain. Finally, a hierarchy-based implementation is suitable in a middleman-supervised environment.

8. Why do users need to participate in the auditing process?

As the side chain starts to settle transactions, users can participate in the audit to ensure cross-chain consistency and avoid information asymmetry. Users will be rewarded by the judgement mechanism if they find records of error.

9. Compared to other hierarchy-based side chains, why InfiniteChain?

Compared to other hierarchy-based side chains, InfiniteChain provides a practical implementation to enable any centralized systems or institutions under governance to seamlessly migrate to the public blockchain.

10. Please describe InfiniteChain in one sentence.

A bridging solution to connect the blockchain and centralized systems.

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